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Time to Enjoy Holiday Lights!

Holiday Lights – for Fun and Inspiration

It’s that time of year – Thanksgiving is over and it sure is getting dark early! What can we do for entertainment (besides binge on Netflix)?

Here’s a link to finding holiday light displays in the Bay Area. It’s a good idea to call the venue in advance to be sure they are open during the new COVID restrictions.

Holiday Displays All over the Bay Area (this site allows you to enter a specific city)

In Your Area

When you’re out an about during the day or evening, pay attention to homes that have lights up, yard displays, etc. When there’s one, there’s usually a few. For the most enjoyment, visit an hour or so after dark, bundle up, park the car and take a nice walk around those neighborhoods. (in other words, avoid distracted driving). Make a note of the street names to come back later in the season, or for next year.

Get Inspired & Share the Work

Take note of what you like and don’t like. Can you use some of the cool ideas for your own home? Talk to your neighbors – perhaps you can do a themed block. Each home could display a different color combination. Or, one home can emphasize pretty lights, another has Santa and reindeer, yet another displays cartoon characters. Another home simply lights up its’ trees – perhaps a red & white bulbs around the trunk. Classic small white bulbs extending up a few of the larger branch trunks are always lovely.

Less Work, Please!

A simple lighted garland above your front door lends a festive touch without a lot of trouble. Add a lighted branch in a planter on each side of the front door for a classic look.

Step Back and Enjoy!

Buying an inexpensive timer so your lights go on and off automatically is a good idea. Most stores that carry holiday decorations also carry timers. Be sure to get one specifically for outdoor use, and follow the instructions (protect it from sprinklers and rain).

You’ll smile every time you see your display. Enjoy, and take some photos to remind you for next year's display.

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