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A New Year for Home Ownership - 2024

We're all looking to a year filled with promise and hope to reach our dreams and goals.

What's happening in the housing market here in the East Bay ? It's much more balanced now that interest rates have retreated from their October highs. Buyers are starting to attend open houses again, and many neighborhoods remain very popular.

Although it seems odd -- SuperBowl Sunday is generally the beginning of the Spring market. Days are longer, so buyers can view homes after work and be able to see the back yard. Many are anticipating tax refunds, to be used for closing costs or a down payment. Assistance programs are being offered, as well.

Despite the higher interest rates over the last 15 months or so, prices have generally remained stable, and even rising in many areas. Why? Fewer homes on the market means there is still competition among buyers. For those homes that are priced right, and in "move-in" condition. Most of the homes for sale this past year are "life event" sales - due to "the 5 D's": Diamonds (marriage/partnerships); Diapers (expanding family); Divorce; Death; and Downsizing.

Are you wondering whether the time is right to sell? Or to get ready to buy? Call or email me for a no-pressure consultation of your needs.

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