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Selling Mom's Home

My seller’s mom passed away after living in her home for many years.  Luckily, when Mom first became ill, she met with a local Trust & Wills attorney, developed a Trust, re-titled the house in the name of the trust. One of her daughters was designated as the Successor Trustee, with the power to sell the home. Luckily, Mom had taken that step, so the home could be sold quickly, without having to wait for a Probate Process, or a court review of offers.

When the daughters invited me to discuss selling it, I could barely see the home itself for all the “stuff” on every shelf, tabletop, and cabinet. Wow!  Mom had knick-knacks everywhere.  Beachy,  Disney, Americana, crystal and glassware, you name it.  Not to mention wallpaper borders in most rooms.

It was hard to tell the actual condition of the home. The home was clean, in good condition, yet dated.  The cabinets and countertops were mostly original, from the 1970’s. 

We had a company haul away those items that just couldn’t be donated or sold.  Once the clutter was cleared, the home was ready for a bit of paint, professional photos and marketing.

Bottom line, it sold in one weekend, with offers from 8 pre-approved buyers.  I prepared a spreadsheet for the seller’s review – comparing not only offer prices, but terms, such as type of financing, down payments, contingencies, and how many days until closing. 

Of course, only 1 buyer was the lucky new homeowner.  7 buyers are still looking for homes.

-Homes in good condition, priced right, are selling.  Even if they aren’t updated with all the latest and greatest.

-Qualified, pre-approved buyers are still out there, even with today's interest rates.

-Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that only pristine, remodelled homes are selling. 

If you’re wondering what your home might be worth (or your mom’s home), call me for a complimentary, no pressure consultation.  



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