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Holiday Cookie Fun!


I was feeling a bit down this holiday season, until I went to my first Socially Distanced Outdoor Cookie Exchange!

About a dozen of us baked enough cookies to make individual bags of 6 for each person. We met in a park, wearing our masks, of course! We brought our bags of cookies in boxes, and positioned the boxes about 8 feet apart. Then, we each went from box to box and grabbed a bag of cookies from each box.

Yum! We all had dozens of cookies to take home. It was nice to see everyone in person (instead of Zoom). And really cool to have a variety of cookies to try. (now, where’s my stepper to burn off those calories ??)

In the spirit of the season – here’s a link to 7 Holiday Cookie Recipes (Courtesy of First American Home Warranty).

Whether or not you have your own cookie exchange, bake some and enjoy.


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