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A Wonderful Life in 2020 ?

On this date in 1946, Frank Capra’s It’s A Wonderful Life premiered at the Globe Theatre in New York City.

The premise is based on the life of George Bailey, a man who has spent his entire life passing up his dreams in order to do good for the people of his town, Bedford Falls. After years of being weighed down by family obligations and a job he never liked, he finds himself broken and wishing for the life he never lived. On Christmas Eve, his guardian angel manifests on Earth and shows George how his family, friends and town would have turned out had he never been born. After realizing he had truly made something of his life, he declares that, “It’s a wonderful life indeed!”

Looking back at 2020, how many times have we felt discouraged, weighed down by family and job obligations, uncertainty and fear? Yet, like George -- how many lives have we touched - knowingly or not? That donation made to the food bank fed a family. A few kind words and smiles here and there lifted many spirits. Are you an essential worker, feeling unappreciated? Although most people don't think about it -- how would the rest of us have even some semblance of normal life without you? Thank you to the grocery, retail, restaurant workers. Delivery drivers, postal workers, and anyone and everyone who cleans, or keeps our towns and cities running. Health care providers, police, fire, and thousands of others who make life a bit easier for everyone else.

You have made a difference, without acknowledgement or appreciation much of the time. Thank you for helping provide a more wonderful like for others.

People don't always think about what it takes to provide these services -- we take so much for granted. Know that you are the unsung heroes of 2020.

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