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Gordon and Debbie J. - Clients

Joanne Hodge is THE BEST real estate agent we've ever had!! And, we've lived in different cities and counties in CA. and owned 7 homes and condos. Joanne has been in the business for 20 yrs. and has ridden it up and down. She's solid! Joanne is very knowledgeable about the properties she shows us and has THE BEST finance person to work with when purchasing and selling. She knows what each of her clients want and shows them what fits their needs and desires. She's always available and very communicative. Joanne goes the extra mile! We have referred others to her, including our children who have bought 2 homes through Joanne, and have gotten excellent deals. In this market when there are multiple bids, she worked it out so that we and children's offers were accepted on 4 properties at 4 different times! You are in THE BEST hands with Joanne!!

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